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Get on The Most Thrilling UTV and ATV Tour in Aruba

Aruba's most beautiful treasures lie hidden, far beyond the paved roads of Aruban cityscape. Feel the wind in your face as you take the wheel of our ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles) and UTVs (Utility Terrain Vehicles). Our tour guides will take you on a unique adventure to Aruba's wild side. In this tour, we will be taking you on the exciting journey of visiting Aloe Factory and Alto Vista Chapel, where you can get to know exciting things and view spectacular sights. Get to know how the famous Aruba Aloe gets harvested and is then processed.

The Aloe from the Aruba Aloe Factory is the finest Aloe in the world, and it has a variety of uses. We will tell you insightful information regarding Aloe cultivation on the island. Experience visiting the peaceful and divine Alto Vista Chapel, which is quite a famous tourist attraction. Explore the rolling deserts, rugged shorelines, and challenging terrain on your 4WD UTV and ATV. Our friendly tour guides will take you to Aruba's rocky windward coasts, where you can explore interesting locations like Casibari Rock Formation, Baby Natural Bridge, Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins, which still stand with remarkable long lost history of the 'One Happy Island.'


SINGLE ATV: $100 / DOUBLE ATV: $130 / 2–SEATER UTV: $160

  • Required: Valid Driving License – Driver Must Be 18+.
  • Tour Schedule: Tuesdays and Thursdays only
  • Tour Timing: 9 AM – 12 PM
  • Tour duration: Three Hours
  • Seats: 1-2 guests per vehicle
  • Including: Water Bottle, Helmets, Hotel Pick up/Drop off, Cruise Terminal Pick up/Drop off
  • Sites to Visit: Casibari Rock Formation, Baby Natural Bridge, Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins, Aruba Aloe Factory and Alto Vista Chapel
  • Tour Language: English, Spanish, Dutch (Portuguese Upon Request).

What to Expect?

It's always exciting to know a little more about the oncoming Fun. This one-of-a-kind Aruba Sightseeing Tour is a whole different experience to get in touch with the local legends of historical landmarks and witness the island's natural beauty in the most fun way possible. Immerse yourselves into a tour, which isn't just sightseeing but a holistic experience in itself. Here is a quick overview of the excitement you should expect while being on this countryside tour.

Dive into the fascinating Golden History of Aruba

We include one of Aruba's most amazing historical landmarks, which was once a prided mill that processed gold on the Island, Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins. Dating back to the 1400s, when Aruba was being dug up for wealth and riches, the gold prospectors finally found gold mines and eventually constructed this fort-like mill out of stone boulders. Fun Fact: The mill was built to resemble a fort to scare away pirates!

Get your Jaw Dropped in Awe with Stunning Geological Formations

Explore the natural formations we'll visit on our tours, like the Casibari formations and the Baby Natural Bridge. Take a trip back in time with the mysterious Casibari Rock formations, which look straight out of a sci-fi movie! This massive monolithic boulder still baffles everyone with their existence on a relatively flat island. You'll also find cave paintings and drawings, also known as petroglyphs dating back hundreds of decades. The other natural formation you'll visit is the Baby Natural Bridge, which succeeded with the original Natural Bridge in 2005 after its collapse. You'll be in awe to witness how nature can create such beautiful constructs that still stand and attract thousands of visitors from all over the world.

Experience Tranquility at Alto Vista Chapel

Being a top tourist destination of Aruba, the Alto Vista Chapel is a must-visit while you are on the sightseeing tour of the island. Built-in 1750, this religious place will provide you all the peace that you require amidst an adventurous journey. It is quite beautiful, and the whole experience of visiting this chapel is just amazing. Explore the Also Vista Chapel and get to know about the history and culture that is linked to it.

Learn Interesting things at Aloe Factory

Enjoy learning new and exciting things at the Aruba Aloe Factory, which is a museum and a store. Get to know all the secrets behind the production of the famous Aruba Aloe, which is the finest Aloe in the world. You will get to know about the whole manufacturing procedure followed to deliver final Aloe products in the market. Witness everything in detail and fall in love with the various benefits of the Aruba Aloe.


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